Frameless Ultra-Lightweight Seat Kit (Chris Burandt Model) - Polaris


Skinz Chris Burandt Frameless Ultra-Lightweight Seat Kit

This ultra-light aftermarket seat kit was designed in partnership with pro rider Chris Burandt.

This seat kit is an ultra-light weight seat kit constructed from a unique plank foam bonded with an over layer dual compound foam. It is made without a frame and a seat pan to literally eliminate the most weight possible while still being able to provide a viable seat for extreme mountain riding. The complete seat weighs in at 2.5 lbs which for the person who wants the most weight loss possible, this is your solution. This seat kit easily installs with no modifications necessary with adhesive back Velcro and ties into the gas tank fasteners. The wrap is made with a rib construction on the top and sewn together with Skinz proprietary special 4 way stretch material offering grip and durability you can only get here. This is the lightest seat we have ever made. This is the seat you have seen on Chris’s Carbon sled all year.

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Product ID #: BPSK225-parent
Installation Time: < 1 hour
Installation Difficulty: Medium

Fits Models:

2016-2017 Polaris AXYS PRO-RMK