Heat-Loc Hand Guards - Pro Series

Heat-Loc Hand Guards – Pro Series

Skinz Protective Gear’s Heat-Loc Hand Guards can easily be strapped on to handlebars during cold snaps and trail rides to keep your hands just that much warmer. All our hand guards are made of crushable material (not hard plastic!) so they’ll survive a roll or being stuffed in your tunnel pack when not use. Mount these puppies on any handlebars (hooks or no hooks) in seconds with the Velcro straps. The Pro Series of Heat-Loc Hand Guards has more cutaways than its counterpart Trail Series for more aggressive riding.

Heat-Loc Hand Guard Features:

  • Extremely warm
  • Fits bars with or without hooks
  • Available in colours
  • Removable/washable
  • Fits over plastic Hand Guards
  • No mounting hardware required

Skinz Protective Gear

Skinz Protective Gear began as a company that made gear to protect mountain bikers from the elements and that technology has continued over to snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is tough business on the body and Skinz Protective Gear can provide the best in protection when it comes to staying warm and comfortable. Combining intelligent design with tough, lightweight materials, these are the finest products in rider protection.

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Skinz Protective Gear – The best in aftermarket performance

Strong. Stylish. Functional.

For riders that demand the absolute best in aftermarket parts and accessories, there is no better choice than Skinz Protective Gear. Skinz products are stylish with a wide array of colours and style — but more importantly—they are designed and built with the highest attention to quality and durability. All products are manufactured to a premium standard, here in North America.

Skinz builds a product that riders know and trust to be strong, stylish and functional. For the demands of serious riders, there is no better name in aftermarket performance than Skinz Protective Gear. Skinz builds on its reputation as the best provider of aftermarket performance for snowmobiling by bringing the same quality of parts and accessories to the snowbike world.

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Product ID #: HGP100-parent
Installation Time: Under 5 minutes
Installation Difficulty: Easy

Fits Models:

Fits all sleds.