Next Level Q-R Freeride Tunnel Pack

Next Level Q-R Freeride Tunnel Pack

This pack has a quick release mounting system that will allow the rider to remove the tunnel pack whenever they choose. It will also be constructed from a new structured soft styled vacuum formed material that will maintain size and shape but is a completely waterproof material. Special zippered closure with compartmented interior will give the rider organizational capabilities for all their contents. The system will fit on some crossover machines and all long track machines. The system is made to work on any tunnel style and will fit with the Polaris T-Slot system. Another benefit of the pack is the air gap maintained between the bottom of the pack and the tunnel allowing a much greater degree of cooling capabilities.  Kit includes the mounting system and the park. Everything is included for a complete installation.

Small/Crossover Size: 15″x13″

NOTE: This product is not in stock. You can still purchase this product, but delivery will be 2 to 4 months.
This product is non-refundable once ordered, as it will likely be manufactured specially for your order.

Product ID #: NXTP140-QR-BK
Installation Time: 30 Minutes
Installation Difficulty: Medium

Fits Models: