Super-Q Silencer

Super-Q Silencer for Ski-Doo

This Super-Q Silencer for Ski-Doo provide for a higher noise level than Original (OEM). Great for Racing, Mountain Riding, or Lower Populated Areas. (DB Level 90 +/- 7)

Ceramic coating provides for a deluxe thermal barrier with a polished finish.

Super-Q Silencer for Ski-Doo Features:

  • Weight Loss (lbs): 11.3
  • HP Gain: 3
  • dB Level: 90 +/-7
  • Great Sound (full, low tones)
  • Weight Savings
  • Increased Power to Weight Ratio
  • High Performance
  • Super-Q: Noise Level is higher than Original (OEM). Great for Racing, Mountain Riding, or Lower Populated Areas. (DB Level 90 +/- 7)
  • Ultra-Q: Noise Level is modified from stock, but close to Original Sound Levels. Great for Trails and Populated Areas. (DB Level 87 +/- 7)
  • Ceramic Coated: A Deluxe thermal barrier, polished.

Skinz Silencers

Skinz Protective Gear Silencers offer significant weight savings and greatly improved sound. You’ll also experience an improved power to weight ratio, resulting in better performance from your sled.

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Product ID #: SQ-4412C

Fits Models:

2011-2018 800 E-Tec (All Units) XP, XM, XS, T3 Package