Skinz 2x ARC Kit with Raptor Shock

ARC 2x 2 Position Cable Kit - Rapter 2P Shock (Polaris)

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The 2X ARC System from Skinz Protective Gear provides riders with a great price point on Skinz's awesome ARC Kit. Instead of having 3 positions on the ARC Kit, this system uses a Raptor 2P Shock, which gives riders only and "on" and "off" setting. This allows you to reap the benefits of an ARC Kit at a much lower price point.


  • Enables the riding of all terrain styles & conditions
  • The rider can adjust/setup the rear suspension for their specific riding style
  • Remote Control of the rear suspension coupling
  • Allows rider to control coupled/uncoupled state from the handlebars
  • Kashima coated Fox shock offers infinite adjustability
  • All parts included in the kit for complete installation
  • Cable tool included
  • Easy Installation
  • Patent Applies