Helium Side Panel Narrowing Kit - Ski-Doo (HDPE Plastic Haircel Finish)

Helium Side Panel Narrowing Kit - Ski-Doo (HDPE Plastic Haircel Finish)

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Skinz offers Ski-Doo side panels which will dramatically narrow the machine, making it much more effective in technical terrain riding and all backcountry-style riding applications.

Both side panels have been reshaped and formed to narrow the machine as much as possible. These panels are contoured and will narrow the machine up to 3" per side.

All panels are offered with venting already installed on the panels. The panel kit will require the use of the Skinz Ultra-Q silencer or the SLP aftermarket silencer. This is likely not suitable for turbo applications which utilize the space on the right side of the machine where the OEM muffler was located. The side panels are offered as a kit with just the side panels and kits that include our Ultra-Q silencer. The panel kit combined with our Ultra-Q silencer will eliminate 12lbs of weight. These panels install and fit the machine like the OEM panels. No modification necessary for installation.

Kit Includes Ultra-Q Silencer, New Left & Right Complete Side Panels w/ Venting.

HDPE material

This side panel kit is a lower cost option (than the TPO Plastic) and is great for those who are bashing through the trees and the technical rider that will be doing a lot of scuffing and rolling. These panels have a haircel finish and are only offered in black and cannot be painted. These also come with the venting already installed and ready to go.

*ONLY fits w/ Narrowed Rasmussen or Airloc Running Boards. 

  • These panels will only work with the Skinz AirLoc Running board Kits or with the Rasmussen Running board kits installed. Since you are dramatically narrowing the machine, it is required that the running board modifications are made first. This Kit is intended to provide the backcountry rider with a serious modification to their machine enabling them to ride terrain not possible before these improvements.

Snowmobiles with OEM electric start kits will need to purchase the Skinz Lightweight battery kit.